9 November, 2014

Over the years, many of our fellow MOREons wanted to hold reunions but only Mark Tovsen had the drive to organize one (October, 2012.)  Hopefully someday, someone will organize another but until then we hope to have many more Alumni Picnics (which are much easier to plan and organize.)  To help with planning future picnics, we have put together a brief survey and want your input.  The survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PYSGYGF

Please respond to the survey by November 30.


3 November, 2014

I think everybody who managed to find a parking space would agree that Saturday’s Alumni Picnic was great fun. Our apologies to anybody who gave up looking for a place to park. We consulted several calendars to identify a date that would work for most people but somehow the Car Show got past us.

For those who did managed to make their way to Ramada 28, put your hands together (or better yet, raise a cold one) in salute of Liberti Moreno for organizing the event and Tom Anderson for providing the keg!

Here’s a quick link to the picnic pictures page http://projectmorealumni.com/2014-alumni-picnic/

One again there is talk of doing another picnic and the consensus seems to be to shoot for next March. Actually, April fools day was first suggested before we checked and found it fell on a Wednesday. (Leo Lucero had such a good time that he suggested we do one every four months but I think that would burn us out.)

Shortly, we’ll be putting together a survey to find out when, where and how often the majority of MORE alums want to meet. (I know I will suggest that we start latter in the day as very few show up at 11:00. Maybe starting at 12:30 would work better.)

For those of you who frequent Facebook, a link to the survey will be posted on the Project MORE page.



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