9 July, 2015
More sad news.  Kate Gallion reports that Tom Gillespie, long time Science teacher at TAPP has died.  While Tom never taught at MORE, many of our students attended TAPP and remember Tom fondly.  http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/29514726/tusd-man-who-died-on-hike-with-grandson-was-tucson-teacher links to the KOLD coverage.  Requiescat In Pace Tom.

6 June, 2015

ADS remembers Burney Starks

31 May, 2015
Shockingly sad news. Kate Gallion reports that our good friend Burney Starks died today. According to Kate “He collapsed at church this morning and despite given CPR immediately, paramedics were not able to revive him.”

Requiescat in Pace Burney


18 April, 2015 – Spring Alumni Picnic


It was a small turnout but lots of fun!
Check out the 2015 Spring Alumni Picnic page for more pictures.

Several alumni have express regret at not being able to attend a Saturday picnic as they have to work so we’re considering having the Fall Picnic on a Sunday.  Check out the Project MORE Facebook page to weigh in on our poll (coming soon.)


3 January 2015

Sad news to start the New Year.  Tom Anderson reports that Clyde Tidwell has gone to that big alternative school in the sky.  While Clyde didn’t teach at MORE,  many alumni from the 70’s and 80’s remember him fondly as the heart and soul of Cherry Field (Senior High Accommodations.)  Here’s a link to  Tom’s pictures of Clyde on the TUSD Alternative ED Alumni website. http://www.alternativeedalumni.com/clyde/

Requiescat in pace.

Clyde's B-day 4Clyde Tidwell
27 October, 1920 – 2 January, 2015

10 December, 2014

Cort Russell (’98) comes through again, this time with links to YouthStorefront videos and a link to “Coming To”, performed at MORE.

Check them out at http://projectmorealumni.com/youthstorefront-project-videos/ and http://projectmorealumni.com/youthstorefront-project-videos/

Remember, If you have any memorabilia you want to share, send it along and we’ll get it posted.

8 December, 2014

Thanks to all who participated in our Alumni Picnic survey.  The survey is now closed and we’ll be posting the results shortly.

(Edited) Cort Russell (’98) sent us a few pics from the 1998 graduation and newspaper articles from 1997, 98 and 99 Tucson Citizens.  Check them out at  http://projectmorealumni.com/1998-graduation-pictures/  and http://projectmorealumni.com/tucson-citizen-articles-1997-99-from-cort-russell-98/

If anyone has any memorabilia they want to share, send it along and we’ll get it posted.

Wayne Esquivel (’92) wrote with additional info about Chris McFarland’s date of death and we’ve added it to the Absent Friends page.  Requiescat in pace. On a happier note, Wayne has three kids, still plays the guitar (as do two of his kids) and has been teaching elementary school for the last 12 years :-)

If you want to share your story, send an email and we’ll post it !

Happy Holidays!

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